BoneChat is an exclusive, subscription-based community designed specifically for entrepreneurial-minded people in orthopedics like you.” —Tiger.

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Why Join:

BoneChat will elevate you and your business to new heights. You will become part of the “hive mind” of ortho entrepreneurs, insider access to industry experts who are building successful companies.


  • Collective Intelligence: The community members share their knowledge, skills, and expertise, creating a vast pool of information that is greater than the sum of its parts. This collective wisdom helps in solving problems, generating new ideas, and making informed decisions.
  • Collaboration and Support: Members of the community are motivated to help each other, providing advice, feedback, and support. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of belonging and encourages active participation.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The community becomes a repository of shared knowledge, where information is continuously updated and refined. This dynamic exchange of information enhances learning and keeps the community members well-informed.

Special Offer:

  • Member Rate: Only $200/month (or $2,000/year). We have 50 members so far, and will have 100 in the next few months.
  • Risk-Free Trial: Your first month is on us. 30 days to try it out. Cancel anytime. No questions.
  • Bonus Tip: Most members charge their subscription as a business expense under “subscription” through their company.

Membership includes 2 channels:

  • Zoom – Weekly Discussions: Engage in dynamic, topic-driven roundtable discussions. Watch previous discussions here. 40% of members participate in the Zoom discussion each week.
  • Slack – 24/7 Mobile Community: Collaborate privately with fellow members. DM. Share files. Share ideas.

Who’s in BoneChat so far ?

  • Startup Founders/CEOs: 33%
  • Sales/Marketing Leaders: 19%
  • Product Development & Engineering: 24%
  • Entrepreneurial MDs, IP Experts, Suppliers: 11%
  • Capital Allocators: 13%

Testimonials from Members:

  • “The most powerful decision I have made on this Founder journey was to be a member of BoneChat. It’s like having a team outside of my startup. As a small, emerging company, Bone Chat levels the playing field. We can chat with other founders near/far/new entrepreneurs/highly tenured executives before making an important and costly decision. We want each-other to succeed… even through our competitive natures.” [Startup CEO]
  • “BoneChat helped me startup execute before launch.”-” [Startup CEO]
  • “BoneChat is a game-changer in the orthopedic space. It’s where depth meets confidentiality and expertise.” – [Startup CEO]
  • “The UNPLUGGED Zoom discussions are really valuable, as we can stress test business models and talk about anything live with successful members.” [Startup Founder]
  • “Every workshop is a new window to innovative strategies for my job.” – [Marketing Leader]
  • “The insights and connections I’ve gained are invaluable. It’s an ortho industry must-have.” – [Sales Leader]
  • “I’ve been a member for 4 months now and have found that the informative weekly discussions are invaluable and collective intelligence on Slack is amazing.” [Startup consultant]
  • “For confidentiality and expanding my network, BoneChat is unmatched.” – [Engineering Leader]

Quick Links: Join Now | Get 1 free pass to the next Zoom discussion