BoneChat is an exclusive, subscription-based community designed specifically for orthopedic entrepreneurs like you, brought to you by Tiger.

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Why Join:

BoneChat will elevate your business and career to new heights. You will become part of the “hive mind” of ortho entrepreneurs, insider access to industry experts who have built successful startups, the gateway to transformative conversations, and elite networking.

  • Expertise Beyond Reach: Tired of generic insights from LinkedIn and ortho conferences? BoneChat brings you closer to the crème de la crème of the ortho startup world.
  • Network Upgrade: Forge invaluable connections with a network dedicated to maximizing your potential.
  • New Answers: Dive deep into complex questions within a trusted community.
  • Content Insights: Immerse in workshops and Slack content tailored for your professional growth.
  • Peer Coaching: Experience the power of peer-to-peer coaching for nuanced, trust-based solutions

Special Offer:

  • Founding Member Rate: Only $100/month for the first 50 members (5 more spots available at this rate). Rates will double after member #50!
  • Risk-Free Trial: Your first month is on us. Cancel anytime. No questions.
  • Bonus Tip: Most members bill their subscription as a business expense through their company.

How to Join:

Get Immediate Access Here then download the Slack App on your mobile or desktop for round-the-clock connectivity.

Two Channels in Your Membership:

  • Zoom – Weekly Discussions: Engage in dynamic, topic-driven roundtable discussions. Watch previous discussions here –
  • Slack – 24/7 Mobile Community: Connect and collaborate privately with fellow members. DM. Share files. Share ideas.

Who’s Already Here?

  • Startup Founders/CEOs: 33%
  • Sales/Marketing Leaders: 19%
  • Product Development & Engineering: 24%
  • Entrepreneurial MDs, IP Experts, Suppliers: 11%
  • Capital Allocators: 13%

Testimonials and Quotes From Our Members:

  • “BoneChat is a game-changer in the orthopedic space. It’s where depth meets confidentiality and expertise.” – [Startup CEO]
  • “The UNPLUGGED Zoom discussions are really valuable, as we can talk about anything live with successful members.” [Founder]
  • “Every workshop is a new window to innovative strategies for my job.” – [Marketing Leader]
  • “The insights and connections I’ve gained are invaluable. It’s an ortho industry must-have.” – [Sales Leader]
  • “For confidentiality and expanding my network, BoneChat is unmatched.” – [Engineering Leader]

Quick Links: Join Now | Free visit to the next Zoom discussion